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CrossFit KUZO

CrossFit KUZO

Build Strength and Conditioning for Running
CrossFit KUZO offers strength and conditioning for those looking to get fitter, stronger and feel their best! The intention of our program is that the fitness you build inside the gym will translate to all areas of your life. In our group fitness classes we foster an inclusive, welcoming, and fun training environment for everyone. The connections you make to your coaches and to the community at KUZO will provide strong support to assist you on your health and fitness journey. Improve your running with us!

About Our Coaches

Meet the experienced trainers who drive our CrossFit and functional fitness programming, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Mary Bennett

Mary has been in the fitness industry for a decade, starting as a personal trainer before progressing to CrossFit level 1 Coach. Mary is a wealth of knowledge, she supports all athletes in the gym with customised training and scaling options, including rehab. As well as competing in CrossFit Mary has completed triathlons, and a variety of run distances including a marathon.

Melissa Mawby

CrossFit level 1 Coach & running enthusiast, Mel has passion for holistic health and helping others. She offers Nutritional coaching and guidance, to further support members reaching their goals. Mel has many years of run training under her belt, she has completed 2 x Marathons, and has more recently been training for technical trail running.

Special Offer

From now until January 26, 2024 CrossFit KUZO are offering a special membership for those entering the fun run. Membership includes:

  • Unlimited weekly classes
  • 1 x Nutritional Guidance Consultation
  • KUZO Healthy Recipe E-Book
  • Weekly running group

All this for $45 per week

CrossFit KUZO


"When I decided to do the Melbourne Marathon the KUZO Coaches were nothing but supportive and encouraging. Throughout my training program, Mary & Mel scaled my workouts to suit, provided me with accessory movements and mobility exercises. Further to this, Mel offered her Nutritional background to help me with my fuel intake and hydration AND she even met on some of my long training runs (what a star!!). I highly recommend you speak to Mary & Mel for any goal you are wanting to achieve. Running, Lifting, Nutrition, Recovery - they are wealth of information and more importantly, they WANT to see you achieve your goal."
- Nicole, Marathon Runner

"With the help of the coaches at KUZO, I was able to get assistance in planning and executing my first ultramarathon. Finding the happy balance between strength and conditioning, and mixing in enough endurance work to get my 44-year-old body through a 52km trail race was made easy, I just had to turn up and do the work. Whatever your goals in your physical fitness pursuit I am sure the crew at KUZO can help you"

- Ken. Ultramarathoner

"CrossFit KUZO has been amazing for my running capacity. I’ve been running medium/long distances since my early 20s and l was amazed how the strength and conditioning of CrossFit over the last 6-8 months has enhanced my mobility, strength and alignment, aerobic capacity, and overall running endurance. I highly recommend CrossFit KUZO for anyone wanting to get more out of their running and be part of a friendly and fun community"
- Georgie, Ironman & Ultra Marathon Runner

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